We celebrate 50 years of computer science at RWTH Aachen University



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Invitations, agenda, prizes, all questions related to the anniversary


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Anniversary Celebration 2022

This year’s anniversary celebration replaces the “Day of Informatics” and the “Summer Party. ”

Thursday, September 8 - Saturday, September 10, 2022

110010 drawn with sparklers Copyright: © Tim Lange

The sparklers reveal it: Aachen’s computer science is 110 010 years old!

In the winter semester of 1972/73 the computer science program was opened, and the first students chose the then brand new and still pioneering subject. We want to celebrate this occasion together.


Overview of our anniversary activities

Monday, 5. September

Poker Tournament

And the winner are...

Wednesdas, 7. September

Retirement Celebration of
Sen. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hermann Ney

RWTH AI Colloquium on Speech and Language Processing
Thursday, 8. September
(Aula Hauptgeäude)
Programming competition

In 3-person teams, programs for several tasks are written, submitted and immediately checked for correct results.
Spectators are also welcome.

Lernen. Forschen. Grillen.
Celebrating the 75th birthday of Otto Spaniol and the 10th anniversary of COMSYS (only for invited guests)

Friday, 9. September
Company Contacts Fair

The company contact fair takes place from 12:00 to 17:00. Regional and national IT companies provide information about job offers, student internships and internships!
As a special surprise there will be a raffle in which there will be more ribbons for the party on Saturday and a discounted Apollo admission including a free shot for Friday evening.

3MM, award ceremony of the
Programming competition
and Thesis Fuckup Session

Companies will present themselves during the 3-minute madness in a colourful programme, the prize for the programming competition will be awarded and the chairs will present their research, their open job offers and their work.

Everything can go wrong with a thesis: at the fuckup session we talk about it.

Festive evening for invited guests

Prof. Dr. Christel Baier, TU Dresden, and Prof. Dr. -Ing. Ralf Steinmetz, TU Darmstadt, is awarded the honorary doctorate of RWTH Aachen. The keynote talk will be given by the President of the Society for Informatics, Mrs. Chrstine Regitz.

Saturday, 10. September
(Mensa Vita)
Honours of graduates
with a subsequent buffet*

We congratulate all graduates on their graduation and invite all those who have contributed to this special occasion as well:

14:30 - Admission
15:00 - Greetings from the rectorate, dean's office and departmental group
15:30 - Address to the graduates
16:00 - Awardceremony
16:30 hrs - Graduates honor
18:00 - Champagne reception
18:15 - Buffet opening


From 8. 00 p. m. there will be a big party in the Mensa Vita with NYNE;
the "DJ-Profs" with their specials should not be missed:

  • 21:15 Uhr: Martin Grohe
  • 21:40 Uhr: Carsten Honerkamp
  • 22:45 Uhr: Joost-Pieter Katoen
  • 23:10 Uhr: Klaus Wehrle

*with registration via Mrs. Rensinghof


We have been looking forward to the friendly support of regional and national companies for years. These are often long-lasting partnerships that allow us to plan and implement important activities for our graduates and students. We were also able to rely on this valuable support at the events on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Computer Science at RWTH Aachen and in the realization of this commemorative publication.

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