UnRAVeL-Ringvorlesung: Nils Nießen: Acceptance of Driverless Trains

Dienstag, 26.04.2022

UnRAVeL-​Ringvorlesung: Nils Nießen: Acceptance of Driverless Trains

  • Dr.-Ing., Universitätsprofessor Nils Nießen  – Lehrstuhl für Schienenbahnwesen und Verkehrswirtschaft und Verkehrswissenschaftliches Institut



Digitalisation and automation are also making progress in rail transportation.
In isolated networks, such as metros, trains can already run driverless today. The talk will highlight the opportunities and risks of driverless driving on rail.
A novel system can only be successfully implemented if it is also accepted by the users. One focus of the talk will therefore be the analysis of passenger acceptance of driverless rail transport.


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