Dienstag, 15.02.2022, 13.00 Uhr

BlackBox Toolkit: Intelligent Assistance to UI Design



This dissertation conducts systematic research using a human-centred approach to provide Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistance to User Interface (UI) designers before, during, and after the traditional low fidelity (LoFi) prototyping process. As a result, it aims to provide coherent AI assistance throughout the repetitive and arduous LoFi prototyping task without sacrificing the autonomy of UI designers. In doing so, we contribute the BlackBox Toolkit. This toolkit assists designers by creating four large-scale, diverse, open-access benchmark datasets and three AI tools that assist UI designers throughout the LoFi prototyping process. The quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the AI tools shows that the UI designers perceive utilising AI for UI design as a novel and helpful approach and express their willingness to adopt it. The After Scenario Questionnaire study to measure designer satisfaction results show an above-average satisfaction level for all three AI assistance tools. This research aims to understand the impact of AI tools in UI designer workflow and assess their satisfaction upon using these AI tools. Further, it sets a baseline for future research on UI wireframe generation, refinement and transformation.


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