Vortrag und Diskussion bei UnRAVeL: Did you invent something? – Computerimplemented invention disclosure, patents and what to consider upfront

Mittwoch, 09.02.2022, 10.30 Uhr

Ort: https://rwth.zoom.us/j/8644633118
Veranstaltet von dem GRK UnRAVeL

Vortragende: Maria Hilvert und Alan Mertens von dem RWTH Innovation team


Die Folien sowie ein Video der Veranstaltung finden Sie auf der UnRAVeL Website.


As a researcher you read papers, abstracts, code, algorithms, book chapters and a lot of other literature day-in, day-out. But have you ever looked into or thought about patents? Maybe yesterday you did invent something compleatly new. And you didn‘t even think about it.

What are your next steps now? Can you get a patent for what you invented? And whom do you have to contact in the first place?

In this talk Maria Hilvert and Alan Mertens from the RWTH Innovation team will give an overview and introduction into patents and what to consider when you invented something or you think you did.

They will give an overview of the „Erfindungsmeldeprozess“ at the RWTH, show some examples regarding normal and computerimplemented inventions and explain what can and cannot be patented. Algorithm themselves cannot be patented, however, if combined with some other technical features they might still form an invention. And wouldn‘t it be cool to see your name on a patent?

Interested to learn more?

They are happy to give an overview and answer all your IP-questions.