Registration for Seminars and Internships Now Open


Registration for proseminars, seminars and internships in the summer semester 2019 is now open! The requirements should be entered until 26.12.2018. Please register up to this date.


Information on the assignment of places

The assignment of the seminars and internships happens in two phases. In the first phase, the chairs of computer science prepare a first offer and the students indicate their needs. After the end of this first phase, all chairs of computer science try to adapt the offer to the reported needs.

In the second phase the students enter their detailed personal needs. This phase is completed with the assignment of places. It is possible to change the needs and wishes at any time before 14.1.2019.

With a good estimate of one's personal needs, there is a high likelihood that the Department can also provide a suitable offer and that one's personal needs for a place in the perferred courses can also be met.


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Details on the Necessary Steps

  • Use Studiengang to enter or change the study program. For example, if you are about to graduate and you will be in the master couse in the next semester.
  • Use Bedarf to enter you personal needs. They should be entered by 26.12.2018. For this purpose, up to two courses can be chosen, Inicate the typ of course you need. Furthermore, ranges can be specified.
  • From 1.1.2019 you may specify your detailed preferences (Wuensche) and comments (Kommentare) for the courses you need. These comments will help the chairs in their selection. From 14.1.2019 to 20.1.2019 this assingment process is planned.

Unter Kontrolle kann der aktuell angegebene Bedarf und Wünsche angezeigt werden. Die Termine sind noch unter Meilensteine zu sehen und unter Matrix sieht man die möglichen Veranstaltungen zu den Studiengängen.

To login on the page we use TIM. Also you have to be enrolled in one of the courses of studies form computer science department. In case of problem during the login process send the data from “Zugang verweigert” to .

See also the help page on the registration portal