Informatik-Oberseminar: Accounting for Privacy in the Cloud Computing Landscape

Donnerstag, 22.11.2018, 15.00 Uhr

Ort: Seminarraum 9007, Gebäude E3, Ahornstr. 55

Referent: Dipl.-Inform. Martin Henze


Cloud computing enables service operators to efficiently and flexibly utilize resources offered by third party providers instead of having to maintain their own infrastructure. As such, cloud computing offers many advantages over the traditional service delivery model, e.g., failure safety, scalability, cost savings, and a high ease of use. Consequently, cloud computing has revolutionized service delivery and we observe a tremendous trend for moving services to the cloud. However, this trend of outsourcing services and data to the cloud is limited by serious privacy challenges as evidenced by recent security breaches and privacy incidents. Overcoming these privacy challenges is key to enable corporate and private users to fully embrace the advantages of cloud computing.

We argue that overcoming these privacy challenges requires cooperation between the various actors in the cloud computing landscape, i.e., users, service providers, and infrastructure providers. All these different actors have clear incentives to cater for privacy but often lack the technical means to do so. To overcome this situation, we provide technical approaches that enable each of them to account for privacy. In this talk, we specifically focus on two contributions in more detail: (i) To support users in exercising their privacy, we raise their awareness for the exposure to cloud services in the context of smartphone apps as well as email services and enable them to anonymously compare their cloud usage to their peers. (ii) By providing privacy requirements-aware cloud infrastructure, we realize user- specified per-data-item privacy policies and thus enable infrastructure providers to adhere to them when storing data in the cloud. Our contributions highlight that it is both promising and feasible to apply cooperation of different actors to strengthen users' privacy and consequently enable more corporate and private users to benefit from cloud computing.

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