Informatik-Oberseminar: Model-Based Reliability Analysis of Aerospace Systems

Donnerstag, 27.09.2018, 10.30 Uhr

Ort: E1, Raum 5053.2, Ahornstr. 55

Referent: Harold Bruintjes, M.Sc.


In order to provide reliable and safe systems in the aerospace domain, despite increased complexity and stronger demands on capabilities, new model-based system and software engineering approaches have to be developed. The COMPASS project, an international research project involving RWTH, ESA, FBK and various industrial partners, delivers a toolset for precisely this purpose.

In this talk, the approach taken by the COMPASS toolset is discussed, in particular with regard to its most recent advancements. After an introduction, the talk will focus on new results in requirements formalization, the use of statistical model checking, the capabilities of the toolset itself and its application to a case study.

COMPASS offers a multitude of analyses pertaining to correctness, safety, reliability and fault management, backed by a single modeling formalism derived from AADL. More information about COMPASS can be found on the COMPASS website

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