First Extensive Online Health Survey for all RWTH Aachen Students Launched

Stylized image of a questionnaire on a clipboard

On September 20, the first extensive online health survey for all RWTH Aachen students has been launched.  It is conducted by the Student Health Management (SGM) of RWTH Aachen and the Institute for Health Psychology, in cooperation with Techniker Krankenkasse.

What? Anonymous survey regarding health-related behavior and well-being of the students
When? The survey will be available between 20/09/2021 and 31/10/2021
Why? Goals of the survey: gathering extensive information about health and well-being of the students & adopting adequate, health-improving measures for the students
How? Online participation is easily possible at home from your computer via the link shown below (participation takes about 30 mins)

Participation pays off! A large number of participants will allow for more nuanced insights into your health situation and will allow to take more targeted health-improving measures. Each participant also will also have the possibility to take part in a lottery where you can win e.g. RWTH Shop vouchers, University Sports vouchers, or participation in a cookery course.