UnRAVeL Survey Lecture “Uncertainty and Randomness in Algorithms, Verification, and Logic”


Summer Semester 2018

on Thursdays 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Department of Computer Science, Ahornstr. 55
E2, B-IT-room 5053.2


The backbone of the training programme is a set of introductory lectures on the topics of „randomness“ and „uncertainty“ in the four research thrusts. The main aim is to provide the doctoral researchers a broad overview of the topics and application areas of UnRAVeL.

These lectures will be organised as the Ringvorlesung: „ Uncertainty and Randomness in Algorithms, Verification and Logic“ and form a compulsory, binding element of this Research Training Group. This course will be a compendium of lectures given by all participating researchers.

These lectures are mandatory for all doctoral researchers and will be offered on an annual basis for example during one semester with a frequency of one lecture of about two hours per week. Attendance by other, either doctoral or master students is allowed and encouraged. The „Ringvorlesung“ also enables to expose UnRAVeL to master and doctoral researchers outside the Research Training Group.

Here you can find an overview of all lecture dates:

Date Event
12/04/2018 Survey Lecture: Competitive Analysis of Online Algorithms
19/04/2018 Survey Lecture: Computing on Encrypted Data
26/04/2018 Survey Lecture: Dynamic Network Flows
03/05/2018 Survey Lecture: Logic and Languages
17/05/2018 Survey Lecture: Programs That Every Now and Then Flip Coins
07/06/2018 Survey Lecture: Provenance Analysis for Logic and Games and/or Logics of Imperfect Information
14/06/2018 Survey Lecture: Termination and Complexity Analysis for Programs
21/06/2018 Survey Lecture: Uncertainty and Randomness in Railway Operations Research
28/06/2018 Survey Lecture: Probabilistic Hybrid Systems
05/07/2018 Survey Lecture: Probabilistic Robotics
12/07/2018 Survey Lecture: How to Win Games that Never End?