1st Aachen Maker Meetup at i10

Wednesday, February 21, 2018, 6:30-11pm

Tangibles on Tabletop Copyright: Chair for Media Informatics and Human Computer Interaction

At the Chair for Media Computing and Human Computer Interaction, the first Aachen Maker Meetup is being held. This month's meetup is all about learning electronics, soldering, coding, 3D modeling, and other Maker skills. How did you learn what you use today? How will we learn these skills in the future?

Our invited guest is engineer Frank Brennecke from Berlin, who has created cool hacks with Philips educational electronics kits from the 70s and 80s to use them for today's technologies like digital TV. His work has been featured in c't Make and at Maker Faire Hannover. You'll also be able to try out one of the legendary Lectron electronics kits that Braun star designer Dieter Rams helped shape in the 60s, and that continue to be updated to this day. The InfoSphere lab for STEM education at RWTH Aachen University will be there and bring some kits from MIT spinoff LittleBits, illustrating how electronics can be learned today. Some local electronics and DIY shops will be there to show where makers can shop in Aachen.

In 2009, the chair started hosting monthly Maker meetups under the name of DorkBot. This event series will now get a fresh start with increased variety and interesting guests thanks to the support by new research projects by BMBF and EU.

Bring your electronics kits, books, apps, etc. that you learned your skills from! Anything goes, from 60s educational kits to YouTube tutorials from a twelve-year old or a helpful simulation app on your iPad. Also, as usual, bring a project you've been working on that you'd like to show others

As a glimpse into the future of learning these skills, we'll provide a sneak peek of some ongoing research projects from our lab to change the way we teach and learn electronics, Arduino programming, and computer science.

You'll be fine with German or English at the event. Our meetups take place at our research lab, but we have a wide mix of attendees of all ages, not just students.

Some profiles of regular attendees, and more details in English and German on the Dorkbot website

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