Mentoring for freshmen in Bachelor of Computer Science


The Mentoring team welcomes all students who are beginning with their studies in Bachelor of Computer Science. The mentoring program for computer science students is mandatory in the first year of studies. The assignment of each student to a mentoring group takes place in the lecture hall “Roter Hörsaal” (in the Audimax building) on April 18th, 2017 at 12:00 (noon).



Participation in the introductory session is recommended. In case you are unable to attend, please  contact the mentoring team by email such that we can assign you to a mentoring group:

Please note that the first meeting of the mentoring program takes place in the first week of lectures, i.e., on April 20th, 2017.

We wish you a successful start for your studies and we are looking forward to getting to know you in person.

Your mentoring team of the computer science department