plan of the Computer Science Center Copyright: © Computer Science Department  

The Computer Science Center, Building no. 2350-2359, is located in an area between Ahornstraße, Halifaxstraße, and Mies-van-der-Rohe-Straße in Aachen.

The Center consists of four buildings:

Main Building

Room numbers: 2xxx

Lecture halls and institutions:
AH I, AH II, AH III, AH IV, Aula 2, FabLab, Student Council

E1 Extension Building

Room numbers: 4xxx

Department Library

E2 Extension Building

Room numbers: 5xxx und 6xxx

Lecture halls and rooms:
AH V, AH VI, 5052, 5054, 5055, 5056

E3 Extension Building

Room numbers: 9xxx

Large meeting room ("Großer Sitzungssaal")

The main buldings and exntension buildings E1 and E2 are connected. You can use any entrance to reach rooms and facilities in all of the buildings. Close to the entrances, there are informatin pillars and signs which help visitors navigate the buildings.

The E3 extension building is not connected to the other buildings, it can be entered from the parking lot at Mies-van-der-Rohe-Straße.

Ahornstraße 55

Main Entrance to the Main Building Foyer
Main Lecture Hall ("Aula") and Facility Manager's Office

Parking Lot Halifaxstraße

The vehicle entrance is across from the student dorms at Halifaxstraße 81

Left-hand entrance: Access to the main building foyer

Right-hand entrance: foyer between the main building (left) and the E1 building (right)


Location: across from the residential building no. 39

From here you can reach the foyer of the E2 building.

On the right-hand side, you can find the staircase, which brings you to the E2 teaching rooms. To the left, you find seminar rooms and the lecture halls AH IV and AH V, as well as a glass corridor leading to the E1 building.

Parking Lot

Entrance: across from the residential building no. 37

From the parking lot you can reach three entrances. Viewed from the middle of the parking lot, the entrances are as follows:

Left-hand entrance: back entrance to the E2 foyer.

Middle entrance: entrance to the E1 basement (handicapped-accessible)

Right-hand entrance: leads to the main entrance foyer of E3