Why Study in Aachen?


Living and working in a charming, enriching environment – Aachen and the surrounding region have a lot to offer.


Living in Aachen

Aachen has many faces. It is marked by its imperial past. At the same it is young, modern and liberal, with about 260,000 inhabitants from over 150 nations. You can find many historical buildings and romantic lanes, side by side with many high-tech companies, four universities, and RWTH Aachen Campus, one of the largest research campuses in Europe. Aachen is, most of all, a location for science and research. But it also offers a high quality of life, many cultural and leisure offerings, sports events, as well as spa areas and thermal springs.

Further Information: Aachen City Official Website

Accommodation in Aachen

Every sixth Aachen inhabitant is a student – thus, suitable accommodation is scarce, and you have to look for a place to live early before coming to Aachen. By following the link below, you can find many useful tips for a successful search – how to apply for dormitory residence, information on the Extraraum campaign, which assists students in finding housing options, the AStA Student Union’s accommodation advising services, and many more.

Further information: Accommodation in Aachen