Eric Wagner Wins Prix d'Excellence 2020


On Saturday, Eric Wagner was awarded the Prix d'Excellence 2020 of the Foundation de Luxembourg for his master's thesis, which he conducted at the Chair for Communication Systems (COMSYS) and which was being co-supervised by the b-tu Cottbus-Senftenberg.


With this award, the Foundation de Luxembourg and its partners Vinci Association and ANEIL reward top students of different fields in engineering since 2012. This year, the foundation named five awardees for their master's theses in the areas of anonymity networks, machine learning and neural networks, and electrical and civil engineering.

Wagner's thesis, titled "Enabling Limited Identity Recovery in Anonymity networks", was advised by Roman Matzutt (COMSYS) and Asya Mitseva (b-tu) and introduces an alternative to the anonymity network Tor where authorities can selectively deanonymize users upon initial suspicion without being able to jeopardize every user's privacy.