Freitag, 08.05.2020, 11.00 Uhr

DevOpsUse: Community-Driven Continuous Innovation of Web Information Infrastructures



The steady evolution of the Web over the last thirty years was shaped by an interplay of new technologies and innovative applications. The current challenges are caused by the ongoing digital transformation of whole societies. In Industry 4.0 for example, these are changing workplace settings and the adoption of the Internet of Things. Inhibiting the demanded fast innovation cycles, this may create a disruptive and unstable environment in which the requirements of heterogeneous professional communities need to be addressed.

Information systems infrastructure, while only partially visible and thus hard to grasp, has a strong influence on practices in professional communities. Therefore, our aim is to stabilize the dichotomies apparent in the Web by means of an agile information systems development methodology. It supports the evolution of infrastructure through community-driven and model-based technologies to guide it on a sustainable path of continuous innovation. Agile development practices in software engineering, in particular the already established DevOps approach, promote stronger cooperation between development and operating teams. Our DevOpsUse methodology additionally fosters a stronger involvement of end user communities in software development processes by including them in the process of infrastructuring, i.e. the appropriation of infrastructure during its usage.

The developed DevOpsUse methodology has been successfully validated by the transitions between three generations of technologies: near real-time peer-to-peer Web architectures, edge computing, and the Internet of Things. In particular, we were able to demonstrate our methodology’s capabilities through longitudinal studies in several large-scale international digitalization projects. Beyond Web information systems, the framework and its open source tools are applicable in further innovative areas like mixed reality. Its broad adaptability testifies that DevOpsUse has the potential to unlock sustainable innovation capabilities.


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