Professor Wil van der Aalst Elected IFIP Fellow

Wil van der Aalst - Lecture © Wil van der Aalst

The most prestigious IFIP's technical distinction is the title of IFIP Fellow, which is conferred by the IFIP General Assembly in recognition of outstanding contributions in the field of information processing. Professor Wil van der Aalst belongs to the first group of 18 IFIP Fellows. Established in 1960 under the auspices of UNESCO, IFIP is the global organization for researchers and professionals working in the field of information and communication technologies. IFIP is recognized by the United Nations and links some 50 national and international societies and academies of science with a total membership of over half a million professionals. The Fellow Award ceremony will take place at the Maison de l’UNESCO in Paris in September 2020.


The 18 IFIP Fellows are:

  • Erol Gelenbe (UK)
  • Sir Charles Antony Richard Hoare (UK)
  • Lothar Thiele (Switzerland)
  • Grzegorz Rozenberg (Netherlands)
  • Joelle Coutaz (France)
  • Bertrand Meyer (France)
  • Wil van der Aalst (Germany/Netherlands)
  • Fabio Paterno (Italy)
  • John Mylopoulos (Canada)
  • Gene Tsudik (USA)
  • Roman Slowinski (Poland)
  • Leslie G. Valiant (British)
  • Jan Gulliksen (Sweden)
  • Frank Tip (USA)
  • Gerhard Goos (Germany)
  • Andreas Zeller (Germany)
  • Michael S. Franz (Switzerland)
  • Julio Abascal (Spain)