Freitag, 21.02.2020, 9.00 Uhr

DeskVR: Seamless Integration of Virtual Reality into Desk-based Data Analysis Workflows

  • Ort: IT Center Erweiterungsbau, Kopernikusstraße 6, S003
  • Referent: Daniel Zielasko M.Sc., Lehrstuhl Informatik 12



In this work, we are looking into the possibilities and unique challenges virtual reality today offers for (office) desk-based scenarios, as they are ubiquitous in data analysis.

We characterize the scenario, introduce the term deskVR, and name the technical challenges that come with it. Furthermore, we tackle specific demands in two pillars of interaction in virtual reality, selection & manipulation, and navigation. Then, we investigate passive and active methods to prevent and reduce cybersickness, as for us, tackling cybersickness is one – if not the most – critical tasks that have to be solved to integrate virtual reality into everyday life successfully. Finally, we apply the methods and findings made in this thesis to a prototypical application framework for immersive 3D graph exploration, serving as proof of concept for the integrability of virtual reality into desk-based working scenarios. In the graph visualization domain, we then also propose new vertex positioning and edge bundling methods that address challenges arising with the performed up-projection into 3D interactive space.


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