Informatik-Oberseminar: Syncpal: A Simple and Iterative Reconciliation Algorithm for File Synchronization

Freitag, 22.11.2019, 13.00 Uhr

Ort: Informatikzentrum, E3, Raum 5053.2 (ggü. AH 6)

Referent: Marius Alwin Shekow, M. Sc. (Informatik 5)


To facilitate collaboration scenarios and data management across multiple devices, knowledge workers and individuals use file synchronizers. These tools replicate the device’s local file system to a cloud storage. As Marius Shekow discusses in his doctoral viva, bugs in these file synchronizers force users to detect and fix synchronization errors manually, resulting in cost-intensive iterations in cooperation processes, which should be avoided. He presents the three core challenges in file synchronization which he examined in his doctoral thesis. You will learn about (a) heterogeneity of file systems and alternatives to handle their incompatibilities, (b) conflicting operations and options for conflict resolution, and (c) inferring a valid operation propagation order to optimize the synchronization efficiency and correctness. The speaker presents how these challenges are solved by example with the iterative Syncpal algorithm he developed in his thesis. The evaluation of its implementation shows that Syncpal improves the handling of file system heterogeneity and synchronizes changes from long offline periods correctly.


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