New Master's Program “Computational Social Systems”


Starting with the winter semester 2018/19, RWTH Aachen offers the new Master's course of study “Computational Social Systems”. This program is aimed especially at students with a Bachelor's degree in computer science or social/cognitive sciences. We hope the program will be of interest for some of you.


For those of you who are about to finish their bachelor studies and, next to pure theory, are also interested in social and moral issues related to computer science, RWTH Aachen will be offering the open-admission master's course of study "Computational Social Systems" starting this winter.

This unique program gives you the opportunity to gain knowledge at the intersection of computer science, psychology, cognitive science, and ethics and allows you to major in either Social Data Science or Social Theories & Ethics. Thereby, you would learn to apply your technical skills to critically evaluate, shape and reflect on the effects of digitalization on individuals, organisations, and the society as a whole. This is a combination of skills that is urgently demanded on the job market.

If that sounds appealing to you, you can apply for this program until July 15th, 2019. More information, for instance regarding the curriculum or entry requirements, can be found on the following websites:

Official website of the Computational Social Systems study program
Computational Social Systems Course of study description