Freitag, 22. September 2023, 11:00 Uhr

Secure Collaborations for the Industrial Internet of Things

  • Jan Pennekamp M.Sc. - Lehrstuhl Informatik 4 (COMSYS)
  • Ort: Seminarraum Informatik 4 (COMSYS) - 9007, E3, Ahornstr. 55
  • Zoom: Zoom

     Meeting ID: 634 6609 9726
     Kenncode: 269470


The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) leads to increasingly-interconnected and networked industrial processes and environments, which, in turn, results in stakeholders collecting a plethora of information. Even though the global sharing of information and industrial collaborations in the IIoT promise significant improvements concerning productivity, sustainability, and product quality, among others, information is still commonly encapsulated locally. Confidentiality concerns are the primary roadblock to fully realizing the aforementioned improvements. We address this mission-critical research gap. Since existing concepts for sharing information do not scale to industry-sized applications in the IIoT, we present solutions that enable secure collaborations in the IIoT while providing technical (confidentiality) guarantees to the involved stakeholders. Our research is crucial (i) for demonstrating the potential and added value of (secure) collaborations and (ii) for convincing cautious stakeholders of the utility and benefits of technical building blocks that reliably enable confidential information sharing, even among direct competitors. Our interdisciplinary research thus focuses on establishing and realizing secure industrial collaborations in the IIoT. We rely on well-established building blocks from private computing (i.e., privacy-preserving computations and confidential computing) to reliably realize them. We thoroughly evaluate each of our designs using multiple real-world use cases from the domain of production technology to attest their practical feasibility for the IIoT. By applying private computing, we are indeed able to reliably secure collaborations that not only scale to industry-sized applications but also allow for use case-specific configurations of confidentiality guarantees. Overall, given the expected improvements, our research should greatly contribute to convincing even cautious stakeholders to participate in (reliably-secured) industrial collaborations. Our work is an essential first step for establishing widespread information sharing between stakeholders in the IIoT, and it stresses four crucial aspects: (i) collaborations can be secured reliably, and we can even provide technical guarantees while doing so, (ii) building blocks from private computing scale to industrial applications and satisfy the outlined confidentiality needs, (iii) improvements that follow from industrial collaborations are within reach, even when dealing with cautious stakeholders, and (iv) the interdisciplinary development of sophisticated yet appropriate designs for use case-driven secure collaborations can succeed in practice.


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