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The Computer Science Department was established in 1986 as part of the Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences. The Department is characterized by the combined expertise of 30 research units, closely linked to engineering and many other disziplines and research institutes.

Thanks to the high quality of our research and education, the Department regularly takes top-positions in relevant research and university rankings; a fact well documented by the internationally renowned academic distinctions and prizes awarded to our academics.



Keep up to date on news from the Department of Computer Science, including events, award presentations, and other activities.

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Find out more about the Department, our history, our partnerships, and who we are and what drives us.

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The Department is ranked highly in university league tables, reflecting its reputation for conducting leading-edge research and providing an outstanding teaching and learning experience. Within the last several years, our faculty have received numerous awards and recognitions.

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Research, Teaching and Learning

Find out more about the Department's key research areas and its undergraduate and graduate courses of study, such as computer science, software systems engineering, and media informatics.

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This collection of annual reports on our challenges, successes, and objectives for the future highlight the Department's dedication to research and education.

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The Department offers a number of institutions which support us in doing our job effectively and joyfully.

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Computer Science Center

We invite you to visit us at the Computer Science Center, which features lecture halls, institutes, a cafeteria, a dining hall, and other facilities.

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Do you need any further information? Get in touch with the Department's academic advisors, mentors, members of the examination board, and other contacts.

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