Mentoring at the Start of Studies


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Mentoring - a Compulsory Module for CS Students in the First and Second Semester

Concepts and Objectives

The foundation for successful studies is laid at the beginning of a student's studies. With out First/Second-Semester Program we aim to contribute to increasing the rate of successful studies and to improve the quality of studies. Students in their first and second semesters are required to participate.

Paving the Way for Successful Studies

Our objective is to make new students' start in studies easier and to quickly and skillfully help them with problems. Students are intensively mentored during the first two semesters in weekly group meetings and learning workshops in order to train their ability to study. Throughout their studies students can speak with advisors about their studies and life.

Reducing the Number of Students Dropping Out at the Beginning of Studies

The majority of student dropouts discontinue their studies at the beginning. Successfully guiding them through this phase reduces the risk of them dropping out in higher semesters. The First/Second-Semester Program covers a broad range of topics sensitizing students to special challenges in studies early on and enabling them to master these challenges.

Showing Alternatives - Guiding Decision Processes

Students, who end up chosing to leave studies either because they want to or because it is no longer advisable or possible to continue, receive orientation, help, and information, so that they can leave the program as soon as possible. We help them find alternatives and prospects that correspond to the student's interests and abilities. This ranges from changing the degree program to changing institutions – for example a university of applied sciences or professional school – to beginning dual studies or qualified vocational training.




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