Computer Science Graduate Seminar

Tuesday, June 15, 2021, 2-3pm

Scalable Real-Time Ride-Sharing with Meeting Points for Flexible On-Demand Public Transportation



The landscape of personal transportation is colorful and ever-changing. Ride-sharing, a member of the on-demand transportation family, sits between the private and public transportation categories. It can transport multiple passengers with similar journeys in the same vehicle in a flexible and convenient manner. This work explores real-time ride-sharing in three steps.

First, we develop and evaluate a dynamic (i.e. flexible, on-demand) bus-like service as an alternative to the traditional bus service in rural areas with low demand. Simulations conducted in Aachen and in Ulm indicate that both the providers and the customers might benefit from this alternative. Next, we address the computational scalability issue of the service in urban areas with high demand. We present an approach to reduce processing time by employing an improved trip-vehicle fitness heuristic. The evaluation simulates New York City taxi trips in a ride-sharing context, and exhibits significant performance improvement, together with improved customer satisfaction and vehicle costs. Finally, we investigate the prevention of small detours of vehicles, by merging location visits with close proximity into one by introducing small walking paths. The results hint at a significant increase in the number of satisfied trip requests.


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