UnRAVeL-Ringvorlesung: Erich Grädel: Hidden Variables in Quantum Mechanics and Logics of Dependence and Independence

Donnerstag, 29.04.2021, 16.30 Uhr

Vortragender: Erich Grädel



Hidden-variable models have been proposed since the 1920s as an alternative to the dominant interpretation of quantum mechanics, with the goal to explain and remove certain counterintuitive aspects of quantum mechanics.

We show that logics of dependence and independence, based on team semantics,  provide adequate frameworks for reasoning about hidden-variable models and their purely probabilistic or relational abstractions.

Common desirable properties of hidden-variable models can be defined in an elegant and concise way in dependence and independence logic. The relationship between different properties and their simultaneous realisability can thus be formulated and proven on a purely logical level, as problems of entailment and satisfiability of logical formulae.

Connections between probabilistic and relational entailment in dependence and independence logic allow us to simplify proofs. In many cases, we can establish results on both probabilistic and relational hidden-variable models by a single proof, because one case implies the other, depending on purely syntactic criteria.

We also discuss the famous "no-go“ theorems by Bell and Kochen-Specker and provide a purely logical variant of the latter, introducing non-contextual choice as a team-semantical property.


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