Why study at RWTH Aachen?


There are many reasons to study computer science at RWTH Aachen University – here's a few of them:


First-Class Research and Education

Computer Science at RWTH Aachen delivers top-notch research and education. The Department is active in more than 30 research areas, and it places great emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration. For years now, it has been achieved top positions in renowned university rankings: Aachen Computer Science is marked by quality, innovation, and sustainable achievement. This is also attested by the special accreditation it has achieved for its computer science degree programs.

Internationally Recognized

The excellent reputation of RWTH and its Computer Science department attracts many students from all over the world. About 26 percent of our students come from abroad, and due to our collaboration with many international partners, the Department has a strongly international outlook. Our researchers contribute to education and research at the B-IT Research School, Thai-German Graduate School in Thailand, and the German University in Oman, for example.

Aachen – Colorful Location for Science and Research

Aachen is Germany’s westernmost city. It lies near the borders with Belgium and the Netherlands and is nestled between the large national parks of the Eifel and the Ardennes.

The city has a population of 260,000, which includes about 47.173 students and more than 6.000 academic staff from across the world. Its lively student community lends the city just as much character as its history. As many of the University’s buildings are located right in the heart of the city, and this is where student life happens: students learn and relax in Aachen’s several squares, parks, pubs, and restaurants. On summer days, you can hear many languages on campus and in the city.

People in Aachen consider themselves Rhineland people, who are said to have a good-natured, cheerful disposition, and most of them enjoy the Carnival season with its many festivities. Aachen is famous for its Printen gingerbread, its hot springs and one of the world’s largest equestrian tournaments. The historic city center and a wealth of bars, cafés and restaurants, combined with the nearby nature parks, such as the Eifel, make Aachen a city where everyone feels at home.

Its proximity to the Eifel and the Ardennes, to Maastricht and Brussels with their linguistic and cultural distinctiveness, give the city that lies in the shadow of Charlemagne’s palace chapel a particular charm. Anyone who has been here once, according to a study by the Prognos consultancy, keeps coming back ...

Accommodation in Aachen

Every sixth Aachen inhabitant is a student – thus, suitable accommodation is scarce, and you have to look for a place to live early before coming to Aachen. By following the link below, you can find many useful tips for a successful search – how to apply for dormitory residence, information on the Extraraum campaign, which assists students in finding housing options, the AStA Student Union’s accommodation advising services, and many more.

Further information: Accommodation in Aachen