Do I Meet the Requirements?


You should already possess some skills that qualify you to be a successful student of computer science. Moreover, there are a number of mandatory formal requirements.


You should ...

  • enjoy math, as computer scientists use a broad range of methods to structure, model, analyze, and solve problems – activities which go far beyond the programming of software on computers.
  • have basic programming skills. If you don't possess any programming skills as yet, you can attend the computer science bridge course. For further information, please refer to our web pages on brigde courses offered.
  • be proficient in English.

You need to ...

  • ... have obtained the general or subject-specific higher education entrance qualification (for German students typically the "Abitur"). However, there are a few exceptions for prospective students who have another type of qualification or who come from abroad – please check our admission requirements web page for more information.
  • apply for admission to your course degree program within the application period. Thus, get informed on the application and admission processes on time!