Application for the B.Sc. Computer Science Course of Study


Online-Vortrag: Richtig bewerben

Ein NC – was ist das eigentlich? Welche Rolle spielt der Abidurchschnitt? Wann bewirbt man sich am besten?

Der Vortrag erläutert euch die Regeln der Studienplatzvergabe, damit du deine Chancen besser einschätzen und gut nutzen kannst. 


To study Computer Science at the RWTH University you need to go through the application process. There are two options depending on your status:

You graduated with your Abitur and want to start with your studies? You'll have to apply for the first Course Semester (only possible for Winter semesters, due date 15.7.; all informations and step-by-step guide).

You studied Computer Science at a different university or just want to swap from a different program to Computer Science? You can get your previous courses recognized (atleast 15 CP required) and enter in a higher Course Semester after signing a Certificate of Good Standing. (due date: 15.3. (summer semester) or 15.9. (winter semester), all informations and step-by-step guide)


What does the Numerus Clausus mean for your application?

The admision to the Computer Science Bachelor of Science program is restricted meaning should there be more applicants than university places the applicants with the better Abitur marks will get the spot. The applicant with the worst marks that got offered a spot in the previous year determines the next years Numerus Clausus, which then appears in the RWTH-Statistics and media. Its purely based on experience and holds no sway other than giving you a way to judge your chances. The NC may vary a lot due to a number of factors.