Information for Bachelor's Students


Educational Background

Applicants who have a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from RWTH meet the educational admission requirements for the Master’s course of study.

Proof of English-Language Skills

The Registrar’s Office will check whether your English-language skills are sufficient for admission to the course of study. Evidence of sufficient English skills is a requirement for enrollment. According to Section 3.5 of the Examination Regulations for the Master’s course, alternative evidence of English proficiency is accepted, such as a seminar paper or Bachelor’s thesis written in English or a B2-level Aachen Foreign Language Certificate. If the Examination Board is to accept such alternative evidence, please file an Informal application directed at the Examination Board.

Application to the Master’s Course Prior to Completion of the Bachelor’s Degree

As outlined above, Bachelor’s students who expect to complete their degree before the end of the current semester have the opportunity to apply for the Master’s course of study. Instead of the final transcript, the applicant has to enclose an authenticated current academic transcript from the Central Examination Office ZPA. The applicant will receive provisional admission and must present the final Bachelor’s transcript when starting the Master’s course of study. They are fully admitted to the Master’s course in case that all Bachelor’s examinations (including the Bachelor’s thesis and colloquium/defense) have been completed before the end of the current semester (March 31 or September 30).

Participation in Classes from the Master’s Course of Study

Bachelor’s students have the chance to participate in classes from the Master’s course of study. If they successfully complete exams from the Master’s course, they will receive certificates from the respective instructor. If Bachelor’s students want to register for a Master’s exam, do not do so via the ZPA but get in touch – and register – with the course instructor. At a later stage, successfully completed exams will be recognized and count towards the Master’s degree. Please note that Bachelor’s exams cannot be made to count towards a Master’s degree, as Bachelor’s exams are very different from Master’s exams, both in content and structure. Moreover, participation in a Master’s exam is only possible if the candidate has not completed a Bachelor’s exam in the same topic area.