Application Process


Applications for Master Computer Science always have to be submitted using the online application service.

Please make sure you adhere to the application deadlines as well as the different application deadline for internationals. Until the deadline all required documents and information have to be submitted using the online application service. The deadlines are hard deadlines. Late submissions cannot be considered with no exceptions.

Please read all information carefully before you apply!

Please read all general information about the application process at the RWTH! In a next step, apply via the online service.


  1. Applications are only checked for completeness and formal requirements soon after submission. All applications will be checked in bulk after the deadline. You will usually be informed about the decision a few weeks after the application deadline.

  2. You can check the status of your application at any time through the online service.

Applicants with a German Degree

Applications by applicants with a German degree will be checked by the Registrar's Office of the RWTH.

You need to submit the following documents with your application:

  • The diploma of your first degree including a full transcript of records and course/module descriptions detailing the contents as well as the accuired knowledge and skills for each course or module.

After a successful application you have to submit proof of English language skills to enroll. Without proof of English language skills, you cannot enroll, even if you are admitted.

Provisional Admission

Students who have not completed their first degree until the application deadline can apply for Master Computer Science at RWTH Aachen. In this case, a conditional acceptance is issued. Your acceptance becomes valid if you graduate until the start of the semester you applied for.

For additional information about the dealine for Bachelor‘s students of the RWTH visit: Information for Bachelor’s Students

Applicants with Degrees from Abroad

Applications by applicants with a degree accuired outside of Germany are processed by the International Office of the RWTH. The International Office provides detailed information about the application process and can assist and answer questions.

You need to sumbit at least all the documents listed above for a German degree. Additionally, if your first degree is from outside the European Union, you are required to submit a GRE test certificate. You need to be above 75th percentile in quantitative reasoning (GRE-QR) and above 15th percentile in verbal reasoning (GRE-VR). Additionally you need at least 3.5 points in analytical writing (GRE-AW). If you do not satisfy this requirement, you should not apply. Your application would be denied immediately, because you do not fulfill the formal requirements.

After a successful application, you still have submit proof of German and English language proficiency. Without proof of proficiency in both languages you cannot enroll, even if you are admitted. Only applicants with a degree from certain German or English speaking countries are excempt from this regulation. For example applicants with an Austrian degree don‘t have to prove German language proficiency and applicants with a degree from Great Britain or the United States of America don‘t need to prove English language proficiency. For detailed information on the accepted certificates and exceptions, please visit the link above.