Application Subjects/Area


The program-specific examination regulations of the computer science program provide for the application subjects of business administration, biology, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, mathematics, philosophy, physics, psychology, medicine, and chemistry. Additional application subjects may be approved upon application to the Computer Science Examination Board.


According to the specifically responsible examination regulations in the Bachelor of Computer Science, a distinction is made:

The PO 2018 provides for an application subject with 22 CP, which must be taken in full. The latest PO 2022 defines an application area, which means that modules with 12 - 18 CP can be taken from different subjects.  

In the Master's program in Computer Science, the situation is similar: with the PO 2009, an application subject with a scope of 14 - 18 CPs must be taken; with the new PO 2023, the equivalent of the Bachelor's degree will change to an application area and here have a scope of 10 - 18 CPs.
As a rule, the application subject from the Bachelor's degree should be continued in the Master's degree. Students who want to change the application subject at the beginning of the Master's program or who had not taken an application subject in the Bachelor's program at another university must (depending on the application subject) make up missing knowledge independently. However, an examination is no longer required.



Presentation of application subjects

An overview of the application subjects and the distinction subjects to area explains the video.