Application Subjects


The examination regulations of the computer science course of study state the application subjects as business administration, biology, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, mathematics, philosophy, physics, and psychology. Medicine and chemistry have also been added.


Presentation of the Application Subjects - Slides

Presentation of Application Subjects 


The Overview of the module manuals provides information on the respective application subjects; should specific questions arise, the departmental advising will help.


Application Subject in Bachelor's in Computer Science

Starting in the third core semester or second semester if you began in the summer semester, you must begin an application subject for the computer science Bachelor's course of study. The current application subjects offered will be presented at an even during the summer semester. The date of the event will be announced on the Department of Computer Science website.

You can also submit requests to admit new application subjects. In this case please contact the department advisor first and set up an appointment. After your meeting you can file a corresponding application for the Approval of a minor (= application subject).

Application Subject in Master's in Computer Science

Every computer science Master's student must select an application subject and complete 14 to 18 credits in that subject. The number of credits that is required depends on the chosen application subject and is 18 credits in most cases. The catalog of standard application subjects includes business administration, electrical engineering, mathematics, mechanical engineering, medicine, and physics. For these subjects, it is predefined in the examination regulations how many credits you have to complete. You can submit a request to the examination board to have further subjects approved.

Generally you should continue the application subject you pursued in your Bachelor's studies. Students, who wish to change the application subject at the beginning of their Master's studies or completed their Bachelor's degree at another university without an application subject, must independently make up missing skills, depending on the subject. Your skills are not reviewed or tested.