Computer Science Mentoring


Computer Science Mentoring was developed by the Department of Computer Science and student representative council within the framework of the RWTH-wide Excellent Teaching Institutional Strategy to improve study conditions. Our offer expands and supplements the services offered by departmental advising and the student representative council to include personal, individual guidance throughout a student's studies.


Short and Simple

We guide our computer science students through their bachelor's degree program. A special focus is on our first/second semester program. Our goal is to make it easier for our first-year students to get started in their studies and to help them quickly and competently when problems arise. To this end, students receive intensive support during the first two semesters in weekly group meetings and learning workshops in order to train their study skills. Throughout the bachelor's program, students can take advantage of counseling sessions with a view to their overall study and life situation.

Aside from individual mentoring we also support students with target group-specific and need-based measures with particular attention paid to students with learning and success deficits, successful students, and women in computer science.

Our offers include IT tours of IT companies in the region, workshops, and information events. We are always developing our services and offers further.


On these pages you can find information about Computer Science Mentoring and our offers. We invite you to take advantage of these.

Have fun taking a look! We look forward to your feedback, concerns, and requests.