Teaching Degree in Computer Science


The teacher training course of study in computer science for Gymnasien and Gesamtschule teachers consists of two parts: the teacher training Bachelor's with a typical length of study of three years and a teacher training Master's last two years typically. Students generally equally focus on two subjects in the course of study in addition to pedagogy. The Lehrerbildungszentrums –LBZ website has a description of the general format of teacher training studies for Gymnasien and Gesamtschule and information about pedagogy studies.

In the teacher training course of study students learn the technical foundations of computer science in joint lectures with the Bachelor's in computer science program. During the last year of the teacher training Bachelor's there is an additional introduction to the subject didactics of computer science. This material is then examined further in the Master's course of study.

Curriculum, Schedule, Examination Regulations


Descriptions of the modules that need to be completed in this course of study are available in the module manuals in RWTHonline.

Which modules you have to complete in which semester depends on whether you begin your studies in the winter or summer semester and whether you are combining computer science with mathematics or another subject. The recommended schedules can be found at the end of the examination regulation for computer science as an instructional subject. The concrete courses including information about classrooms and dates are available for the respective semester and subject combinations in Campus under Lehramtsbezogene Bachelorstudiengänge (GyGe)Informatik (LAB-GyGe).

The examination regulations determine the formal regulations for exams, such as registration and withdrawal. The comprehensive examination regulation states the general regulations for teacher training studies. The subject-specific examination regulation regulates everything that only pertains to teacher training.

Comprehensive Examination Regulation for the Bachelor's Course of Study Teacher Training at Gymnasien and Gesamtschulen and Vocational School (10/2011)
Examination REgulation for Computer Science as an Instructional Subject, Bachelor's Teacher Training at Gymnasien and Gesamtschulen, (10/2011)


The Master's course of study in teacher training computer science consists of a comprehensive mandatory module in computer science didactics, in which a practical semester is embedded, a mandatory module on the concept Fascination Technology in Computer Science, three technical electives, and the optional Master's thesis to be completed in computer science.

Detailed description of the curriculum and schedule of the teacher training computer science Master's program

Admissions Requirements, Enrollment, Accreditation of Performances

RWTH Aachen's central pages provide information about enrollment and admissions requirements.

If you would like to study here but have already begun studies elsewhere you need a certificate of understanding for both of the teacher training subjects and pedagogy. This certificate confirms that you have not completely failed any exams in your former studies that are relevant to the new subject. Additionally, you may receive credit for previous performance. You can file an application for the Issuing of a certificate of Academic Good Standing from the Examination Board online for teacher training in computer science.

Mailing List

There is a joint Moodle classroom for all students studying teacher training computer science. Here information about specific courses, deadlines, calls for final papers, and dates for teacher training meetings is posted and send. To join the classroom, mail to .

Because teacher training computer science students take most of their courses together with students from the Bachelor's and Master's computer science programs, we recommend signing up on the mailing list administered by computer science departmental advising.


Ulrik Schroeder

Professor Responsible for the Teacher Training Course of Study and Technical Training