Offers for Higher Semesters


As study mentors for the Department of Computer Science we serve as there to help all computer science students. This includes not only students studying computer science, media informatics, and software systems engineering but also teacher training students, students minoring in computer science, and doctoral candidates.

Whether you are a new students or are about to graduate, mentoring means that you will be individually informed advising, and assisted. Mentoring takes place in person and is always confidential. Mentors are pledged to confidentiality and do not teach or give exams, avoiding any conflicts of interest. The goal is to support you with recognizing and developing your own individual potential and achieving your personal academic goals. Mentoring is oriented towards your needs and includes but is not limited to:



We are your personal contact for all questions and concerns about studies and act as a source of information regarding anything about your studies or studies in Aachen in general. We also provide further information about other offers for students.


We offer support when you experience strains that affect your study plans, have difficulties witih your studies, or have problems for which you would like feedback or support - even beyond your studies.


We profide advising about scholarship programs; stays abroad; external internships; share contacts; offer coaching for applications or the preparation of presentations; and offer individual advising on career development, career with family/child, and on how to achieve your optimal academic goals.