Frequently Asked Questions


Before Your Studies

Do I need to prove English and German proficiency?

Yes, you need to prove proficiency in both languages.

If you have a degree from Germany with German as medium of instruction or graduated from school in Germany, you don’t need further proof of German language proficiency.

Various language test are accepted. Alternatively, German Abitur with a passing grade in English is sufficient as proof of English proficiency. If you have written your bachelor thesis or a seminar paper in English, the academic advisor can certify sufficient English proficiency.

The language proficiencies are not checked as part of the application, but as part of the enrollment procedure!

When do I need to have completed my Bachelor's in order to enroll for the Master's course of study on time at the end of the semester?

The deadline for enrollment in the summer semester is April 30 and October 31 for the winter semester. By the date of enrollment, the successful completion of the studies of the Master's entrance qualification (usually a Bachelor's degree) has to be attested. A confirmation that you received a grade of at least 4.0 and have passed is sufficient for the Bachelor's thesis. Otherwise, enrollment is not possible. To enroll in the next semester, a new application is needed.

I have a degree in a different field. Can I apply for the M.Sc. Computer Science?

It is possible to apply with a degree in a different field. However, to be accepted you still need to fulfil the subject specific requirements in a sufficient extent. This is usually only the case for subjects close to computer science, like mathematics with application subject computer science, or business informatics. In most other cases it is necessary to have passed additional university courses in computer science, before you can be admitted.

Industry experience cannot be used in place of university education.



I have more than the 35 CP allowed in one area. What happens in this case?

The last exam that would bring the CP count in an area over 35CP is automatically ignored by the ZPA and can be marked afterwards as "frewillige Zusatzleistung." If this subject is nevertheless included in the calculation of the final grade, you must submit an Informal application to the Examination Board to have the course completely included in the final grade.

My electives do not add up to the required number of credits, what should I do?

The 120 credits in total as well as the credits in the application subjects are minimum amounts. The respective number of credits has to be reached or exceeded. The last module necessary to reach or exceed the thresholds is counted fully and you get all credits of the module. All grades are still weighted with the credits of the respective modules. Only if you take another course after you already reached or exceeded the limit, the module is not counted. That module could only be added to your certificate as a voluntary additional course.

What modules can I take into my focus colloquium?

You can take any computer science master modules into your focus colloquium. It is irrelevant if you have taken the courses as part of your bachelor studies, during your master studies or not at all. Most examiners however expect that you are currently attending or have already passed at least two of the modules.
If a specific combination of modules can be chosen is up to the examiners to decide.

Modules from the application subjects cannot be part of the focus colloquium. Only exceptions are modules that are also listed as electives in the computer science.

Can I take a second seminar?

It is not possible to take a second seminar. A second seminar can also not be used as a replacement for electives.

Earlier versions of the curriculum included a second seminar. The transitional rules for converting a seminar to an elective only apply if both seminars have been passed in winter semester 2018/2019 or before.


Exams and Thesis

What can I do if missed the deadline for registering for an exam?

It is not possible to register after the deadline. If you had technical difficulties registering, contact the academic advisor immediately. Only in cases where technical problems could not be solved by the registration deadline can you register afterwards.

Can I write an external final thesis?

Externally advertised theses without an issuing supervisor from the Department of Computer Science cannot be accepted. More information on this topic can be found in Organizational Information in the section “Bachelor's Thesis and Colloquium”. The information on external theses apply to Master's Theses as well.


Application Subjects

Are 14 Credits in my application subject enough?

In most cases no. For most applications subjects, the examination regulations require you to get at least 18 credits. So most students need to get at least 18 credits in the application subject.

The examination regulations specify the range of 14-18 credits to give the examination board the possibility to allow additional application subjects with less than 18 credits.

I want to take medical sciences as application subject? What do I need to do?

I already have a degree in an application subject. Can I have that recognized as application subject?

Usually this is possible. However, it has to be decided on a case by case basis by the examination board. You need to file an application.