Exam Registrations


Exams for Lectures

Registration for exams after lectures is first held online via the modular registration process for the respective exam in Campus. Students can always choose from either the first or second exam date during the current semester.

Registration is open until the second to last Friday in May during the summer semester and the second to last Friday in November for the winter semester. In some cases – for example block lectures – other deadlines may apply. Be sure to verify the deadlines in those registration processes.

Please note:

  1. There is no automatic re-registration when you withdraw, submit a doctor's note, or fail the exam. This means that you must actively register yourself for every exam.
  2. Subsequent registration for repeat exam: If you do not pass the exam after the first exam date, you withdrew, or you submitted a doctor's note, you can submit a subsequent registration in the VZPA for a repeat exam during the same semester up to seven days before repeat exam. This is only possible if you completed modular exam registration in CAMPUS for the first exam date of the semester.
  3. Withdraw: Candidates can withdraw from an exam up to three business days before the respective exam date in the VZPA.
  4. Don't miss the registration deadline: Absolutely no late examination registrations will be accepted.
  5. Be sure to check your examination registrations in the VZPA at the beginning of the examination period. Contact the academic advisor if the Campus registrations and VZPA entries are not identical.

Seminars and Practicals

Seminars and practicals are centrally allocated in the Department of Computer Science. You can register for these courses online during a two-week registration period at the end of the previous semester – end of June for the following winter semester and beginning of January for the following summer semester. The concrete dates and the registration website are announced in the computer science academic advising mailing list.

Exams for Electives

Exams to lectures, seminar, and practicals can be taken as additional electives. These are listed on the transcript but are not included in the final calculation of the grade. Pay attention to the following when registering: after you register, but before the exam – before the exam/oral exam for lectures or before submitting a final paper – you must inform the ZPA that this is not a regular exam but a voluntary elective.

Focus Colloquium

Because the focus colloquium is an individual exam performance, the combination of the lectures to be tested and the exam date are arranged directly between the students and the respective examiner. The examiner registers you for the exam in RWTHonline.

Master's Thesis

The procedure for the Master's thesis is similar to the focus colloquium. You should talk to the chairs as early as possible to learn about possible topics. You can find a list of all chairs and their research topics here. Ideally you would complete your Master's thesis in the same field in which you complete one or more elective modules. The Master's thesis can only be registered once you have acquired 60 credits in your studies.

Once you have agreed on a Master's thesis topic with a lecturer in computer science, you must personally register the Master's thesis in the ZPA. There you will receive form describing the next steps.