End-to-End-Integration von komplementären Mobilitätsdienstleistungen durch unternehmensübergreifende Anbieterkooperation

Beutel, Markus Christian; Jarke, Matthias (Thesis advisor); Timm, Ingo J. (Thesis advisor)

Aachen (2020)
Dissertation / PhD Thesis

Dissertation, RWTH Aachen University, 2020


Nowadays various heterogeneous modes of transportation are available for travelers. Electrification of drive systems and sharing schemes are trends, which diversify the landscape of mobility services increasingly. Users perceive the situational suitability of particular services and widen their mobility spectrum. Instead of substituting one and another, different modes of transportation might complement each other because of their individual characteristics. However, in particular intermodal travel behavior, which means changing different vehicles during one single trip, is connected with barriers on manifold layers. Segmented provision of travel information, different authentication methods and heterogeneous tariffs are central constraints, from which result inefficiencies. Studies show that advanced travel information systems might utilize information and communication technology to assist users, concerning the complexity of planning, booking and execution of multifaceted journeys. Moreover, a growing requirement of integration exists in the area of business models, to provide intermodal traveling free from any barriers. The holistic service process, across the entire service chain, has to stand in the center of a comprehensive digitization and integration of heterogeneous modes of transportation. The overarching goal of this thesis consists of the exploration of an integrated provision of complementing mobility services. Starting point of this work is the investigation of a practical case of a mobility service platform concerning various integration factors. On basis of an encompassing mobility service platform analysis, in connection with an organizational role relationship model, possible provider cooperation scenarios are investigated and described. Finally, selected service process variants become modeled and consolidated with the help of a software solution.


  • Department of Computer Science [120000]
  • Chair of Computer Science 5 (Information Systems and Databases) [121810]