Awards for Theses


Outstanding graduates are awarded special prizes during the annual Department events. These recognitions are tendered by the Department, RWTH Aachen, or external partners.


Friedrich Wilhelm Award

The Friedrich Wilhelm Award is conferred by the advisory board of Friedrich Wilhelm Foundation. This prize is awarded for outstanding scientific archievements of students and scientists at RWTH Aachen.

It goes back to the Prussian Crown Prince Friedrich-Wilhelm, also known as the 99-day Emperor Friedrich III. In 1858, when he re-entered Prussian soil at the border train station in Herbesthal after his marriage to Princess Victoria in London, Aachen citizens presented him with a donation of 5.000 Talers intended for the foundation of a polytechnic school. The money later formed the basis for the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Foundation, which has supported the science and the students of the Aachen University for decades.

Recipient Awarded thesis
2013 Christian Corsten "Co-Optjects: Instant User Interfaces through Everyday Objects" (Master thesis)

Dr. David Kensche

"Generic Modeling and Mapping Languages for Model Management" (Dissertation)

Thomas Ströder

"Towards Termination Analysis of Real Prolog Programs" (Diploma thesis)


Schöneborn Award

Logo proRWTH

The Schöneborn Award has been conferred by proRWTH since 2004.

The prize dates back to a legacy from 2003. Heinz Schöneborn, who was University Professor of Mathematics at RWTH Aachen University from 1964 to 1987, and his wife had determined by will that their fortune should be donated to proRWTH. Every year, “Schöneborn Prizes” are awarded out of this Schöneborn fund to outstanding graduates of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at RWTH Aachen (intermediate diploma/examination, Bachelor).

Tag der Informatik Summer Festival

Sascha Nievelstein

Claas Thesing

2022 Jan Ackermann /
2018 / Nikolay Paleshnikov
2017 Konrad Kollnig /
2016 Eva Fluck /

Andreas Tollkötter

Lukas Huwald


Stefan Hegselmann

Tobias Pohlen


Anne Kathrein

Jens Katelaan

Daniel Neuen

Norman Müller

Philip Keldenich

Felix Rietig

Hannah Spitzer

Philip Trettner


Martin Heistermann

Matthias Hoelzel

Max Lyon

Andreas Krüger

Paul Springer

Felix Voigtlaender


Bachelor Award by the Department

The Bachelor award is a prize for outstanding Bacherlor theses.

Tag der Informatik Summer Festival
2023 Philipp Bär
2022 Niklas Berndt /
2018 Niclas Böhmer /
2017 / Michael Krause
2016 Matthias Naaf /


Master Award by the Department

The Master award is a prize for outstanding Master theses.

Tag der Informatik Summer Festival
2023 Lena Verscht /

Wiebke Bartolomaeus

Jonathan Kunstwald



Berthold Vöcking Master Award

The Berthold Vöcking Master Award is a prize for outstanding Master theses.

Tag der Informatik Summer Festival
2023 Tom Biskup /
2022 Tom Janßen /

Eva Fluck

Lea Hiendl

Frank Emrich
2017 / Paul Voigtlaender

Hagen Schupp

Alexander Ruppert

Philip Trettner



Tag der Informatik Summer Festival
2022 Dr. Matthias Volk /


Industrial Awards

Industrial partners also award outstanding theses with prizes at the annual Departmental events.

Deloitte Award

Tag der Informatik Summer Festival
2022 Lisa Adams (Master) /

DSA Industrial Award

Tag der Informatik Summer Festival
2018 Jakob Bauer (Master) Jan Döring (Master)
2017 / /



Itestra Innovation Award

Tag der Informatik Summer Festival
2023 Jonas Tai /
2022 Martin Ziegler (Bachelor) /
2018 Daniel Tacke gen. Unterberg (Bachelor) Stefan Erlbeck (Bachelor)

Jens Bürger (Bachelor)

Jörg Kirchhof (Bachelor)


Tobias Winkler (Bachelor)

Simon Schwitanski (Bachelor)

Rohde & Schwarz IT-Security Award

Tag der Informatik Summer Festival
2018 / Aaron Grabowy (Bachelor)
2017 /

Christopher Spinrath (Master)



Benjamin Assadsolimani (Bachelor)

Umlaut Award

Tag der Informatik Summer Festival
2022 Tilman Hoffbauer (Bachelor) /

Utimaco Award

Tag der Informatik Summer Festival
2022 Brüggemann (Master) /

Other External Awards

Apart from the Departmental events, our graduates are awarded various external prizes for their theses. The following list contains a selection.

Recipient Award
2019 Martin Henze (Dissertation)

Young consumer researcher award,
15th workshop consumer research

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Erion Elmasllari (Dissertation)

Fraunhofer ICT Dissertation Award,
Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik 2019

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2018 Christian Hensel (Dissertation)

Best PhD Dissertation Award 2018,

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Jan Pennekamp (Master)

Best thesis in the area of analytics, big data, and business intelligence,
TDWI 2018

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2016 David Hellmanns (Bachelor)

Young consumer researcher award,
ICCR 2016

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