Awards in the Department of Computer Science


The Department of Computer Science of RWTH Aachen University awards prizes for special archievements and outstanding commitment of their lecturers and students.


Departmental Teaching Award

Each year on the first Friday in December, the Department celebrates the Day of Computer Science, where the chairs and working groups, together with partners from research and industry, present their activities in teaching and learning and report on new developments. At the event, the Department also bids farewell to its new graduates and honors outstanding instructors and students. The Department’s Teaching Prize is awarded in two categories: independent teaching and teaching support.

  Independent Teaching Teaching Support
2018 Prof. Dr. Stefan Kowalewski Dr. André Stollenwerk
2017 Prof. Dr. Erich Grädel Janosch Fuchs
2016 Prof. Dr. Pascal Schweitzer Benedikt Brütsch

Prof. Dr. Jan Borchers

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Thomas
receives special award
“Outstanding Life-long Teaching”

Wied Pakusa

Dr. Walter Unger

Thomas Ströder

Dr. Dirk Thißen

Igor Kalkov


Prof. Dr. Jürgen Giesl

Georg Neugebauer

2011 Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Thomas Thomas Gerlitz
2010 Prof. Dr. Joost-Pieter Katoen Igor Kalkov
2009 Prof. Dr. Peter Rossmanith Alexandra Spelten



Award of the Department of Computer Science for Student Commitment

The Award of the Department of Computer Science for Student Commitment is a prize for very committed students. The prize is awarded during Tag der Informatik.

  Award recipient

Eva Fluck (student council)

Hinrikus Wolf (student council)

2016 Arno Schmetz (student council)
2012 André Goliath (student council)

Martin Lang (student council)

Martin Henze (student council)