Euro-Inf® Quality Seal Awarded to International Master's Programs


An international outlook, high quality standards, interdisciplinary collaboration and clear, solid visions for the future: these are among the reasons why RWTH Aachen is the first university in Europe to receive the coveted European Euro-Inf®accreditation seal for its three informatics Master’s courses Software Systems Engineering, Life Science Informatics, and Media Informatics. The quality label is awarded by the European Quality Assurance Network for Informatics Education, EQUANIE for short.


EQANIE − High-Standard Quality Assurance

EQANIE, a non-profit organization which acts as a partner to higher education institutions, companies, vocational associations, and students, was established in 2009. It seeks to define and harmonize quality standards for informatics courses of study in Europe and use them as a basis accreditation purposes. These quality standards are oriented towards learning outcomes.

Euro-Inf® − Implementation of Internationally Recognized Standards

EQANIE develops criteria and procedures for the quality assurance in informatics education. Furthermore, it develops and maintains a system for the award of a European quality-label for informatics courses of study. Accredited Bachelor's and Master's programs which meet the Euro-Inf framework standards and quality critera are awarded the Euro-Inf® quality seal.

The overal aim of the Euro-Inf® quality seal is to enhance the quality and tansparency of informatics courses of study in Europe and thus make it easier for European universities to recognize qualifications from other higher education institutions. This also servies to enhance student mobility at the European level.


Informatics Master's Programs: Outstanding Quality Guaranteed

Master of Software Systems Engineering

The Master's program in Software Systems Engineering is offered by the Department of Computer Science and is aimed at international students with an excellent Bachelor's degree in informatics or related fields.

The program's focus is on the design and implementation of complex software systems and their integration in technical and socio-technical systems.

Master of Life Science Informatics and Master of Media Informatics

Both programs, which are targeted at highly talented and motivate students, are offered by the Bonn-Aachen International Center for Information Technology, B-IT for short, an institution jointly run by the University of Bonn, RWTH Aachen University, and Fraunhofer IZB.    

The interdisciplinary Media Informatics program prepares students for the new technological and economic challenges at the crossroads between computer science, software engineering, and the next-generation communication systems and media.

The Life Science Informatics program prepares students for leadership activities in large-scale life sciences projects. Participants can choose between specializations in bioinformatics and chemoinformatics.