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Computer Science at RWTH Aachen delivers top-notch research and education: for years now, we have been achieving top positions in renowned university rankings, as is attested by the Ranking Reports by RWTH Aachen. These reports provide an overview of the results achieved by the different disciplines in several university rankings since 2006.


The Ranking Report is created as part of the quality management i teaching and learning and issued by RWTH's Controlling and Information Management division.


Selected Rankings

Methodology / Approach Criteria Rank RWTH Computer Science Details
Ranking WirtschaftsWoche Magazine

More than 500 HR managers of the largest German companies are asked to rank universities according to which university delivers the best education in their opinion.

Which university offers the best education in view of the demands and requirements of companies?

2021: 3rd
2020: 1st
2018: 2nd
2017: (no ranking)
2016: 1st
2015: 3rd
2014: 2nd
2013: 1st
2012: 2nd
2011: 3rd
2010: 2nd


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Methodology / Approach Criteria Rank RWTH Computer Science Details
Ranking Guide2Research

h-index of the involved scientists (summed up)

The ranking by international Computer Science portal Guide2Research consists of 650 universities (as of 2020) around the world that are considered the strongest in the field of computer science. 

The h-index sees the number of publications by a person placed in relation to the frequency with which the works are cited. This is used as a measure for evaluating publication performance worldwide. Only scientists with an h-index of at least 40 are included in the ranking.

2020: 1.152 Points
1st (Germany)
54th (altogether)

Guide2Research University Ranking

Methodology / Approach Criteria Rank RWTH Computer Science (2021) Details
CHE University Ranking

Survey among 250,000 students; survey among professors.
Questions on teaching and learning, research, and facilities/equipment  

Prospective students, students and the universities consider the CHE ranking to be informative, methodologically sound, and fair

Reputation in research, research funding, supervision of students, international outlook, practice-orientation, academic publications, study conditions, quality of degree programs, lab equipment, quality of library, “studiability” etc.

Based on the criteria, the CHE ranks the disciplines taught at each institution in the top, mid-level, and bottom group. Selected results by the Department of Computer Science:

Top Group
Funds per researcher, IT Infrastructure, general study conditions, supervision of students

CHE Ranking

2021 Results:

Methodology / Approach Criteria Rank RWTH Computer Science (2022) Details
THE Subject Ranking

THE’s in-house data team analyses data that universities supply (for example, staff-to-student ratios, doctorates awarded, international students and research income), the results of a “reputation survey” sent to selected academics across the world, and information about published research papers and citations, using Elsevier’s Scopus database.

Overall rank is calculated from scores for 13 different performances indicators, grouped into five categories: Teaching, Research, Research Influence, Innovation and International Outlook.

Source and further information:
THE Ranking FAQ

The Department of Computer Science was ranket 52th in the 2022 ranking, following Munich (14th) and followed by Karlsruhe (63th).

In 2020, the Department of Computer Science was ranked 46th, following Munich (18th) and followed by Karlsruhe (50th).

In 2018, Computer Science Aachen was ranked 37th, following Karlsruhe (36th) and Munich (9th). Thus it still belongs to the Top 10 in Europe.

In the previous 2016/17 ranking, Computer Science Aachen was ranked 29th, following Karlsruhe (26th) and Munich (9th).

In the 2015 ranking, Computer Science did not exist yet as a separate discipline. In Technology and Engineering, we were ranked 30th.

THE Subject Ranking