Computer Science Graduate Seminar

Monday, November 22, 2022, 2:30 am

The Impact of Tangible Interaction Techniques on Higher Cognitive Processes

  • Christian Cherek M.Sc. –  Computer Science Chair 10
  • Ort: Room 2222, Ahornstr. 55



Multitouch interaction brought incredible advancements to our everyday life. The success of smartphones is unprecedented in modern history for a good reason. On multitouch displays, input and output are collocated at the tip of our fingers. This enables immediate feedback, highly flexible utilization of the available space, updatability of interfaces, and new accessibility features. However, a touchscreen's flat surface lacks haptic features, neglecting a big part of our sensory capabilities. This thesis integrates itself into the tangible research community by presenting novel ways to create tangibles for capacitive screens and presenting a software framework to develop tangible applications with Apple's native APIs. We developed the Design Space of Tangible Interaction, a taxonomy to help researchers and designers comparing tangible designs and finding new ways to interact with tangibles. In this spirit, we evaluated tangibles in novel ways beyond their well-established usability benefits. We found them to contribute to users' way of thinking, awareness for collaborators, and intuitiveness of highly complex input tasks.

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