Talk and discussion: Automotive. What is changing? Will Germany retain its role?

Wednesday, October 19, 2022, 05:00pm

As a Zoom webinar, free admission, no registration required.
To the webinar:

Dr. Andreas Hoffmann, Synopsis Aachen: Automotive, Its Electronic Part Changes Dramatically

The automotive world - hardware and software - is in the biggest transformation since its inception - computers on wheels start dominating the mechanical aspects of the car.
Car electronics hardware and software change the way OEMs are working with their supply chain - the classical V-Model is challenged by OEMs establishing direct partnerships with large semiconductor suppliers and manufacturers. Some of them are planning on developing differentiated silicon chips on their own.
The talk provides insight into what is driving these changes and what the consequences will be; namely OEMs will become electronichardware and software companies. An important enabler for the transformation is the virtual vehicle - we will show how virtualization of vehicle electronics will not only enable car manufacturers to develop such systems but also to verify billion lines of software.

Presentations and discussion will be recorded. The recording can be used to deepen some aspects. If you are prevented from attending, you can use the video recording as a substitute. Since the discussion will be recorded, you may appear as a disputant/listener in picture or sound. Your consent is assumed.

The video recording of the lecture and discussion will be available approximately 2 days after the event via the link below.

Feel free to share the announcement with interested parties. They are also cordially invited.

In cooperation with the Computer Science Group of RWTH Aachen University, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, the Regional Group of the German Informatics Society (RIA) and the Regional Industry Club for Computer Science Aachen (Regina e.V.).

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