Survey Lecture „UnRAVeL – Behind the Scenes“

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Part of the programme of the research training group UnRAVeL is a series of introductory lectures on the topics of „randomness“ and „uncertainty“ in UnRAVeL’s research thrusts algorithms and complexity, verification, logic and languages, and their application scenarios. Each lecture is delivered by one of the researchers involved in UnRAVeL. The main aim is to provide doctoral researchers as well as master students a broad overview of the subjects of UnRAVeL.

This year, 12 UnRAVeL professors will answer the following questions, based on one of their recent scientific results:

  • How did you get to this result?
  • How did you come up with certain key ideas?
  • How did you cope with obstacles on the way? Which ideas you had did not work out?

Following these talks, PhD students will give an informal summary of their doctoral studies within UnRAVeL.

All interested doctoral researchers and master students are invited to attend the UnRAVeL lecture series 2021 and engage in discussions with researchers and doctoral students.

The talks of the UnRAVeL survey lecture 2021 will be given via Zoom every Thursday from 16:30 to 18:00:


Meeting ID: 960 4371 5437

Passcode: 039217

Here you can find an overview of all lecture dates:

Datum Veranstaltung
15.04.2021 Erika Ábrahám: Probabilistic Hyperproperties
22.04.2021 Jürgen Giesl: Inferring Expected Runtimes of Probabilistic Programs
29.04.2021 Erich Grädel: Hidden Variables in Quantum Mechanics and Logics of Dependence and Independence
06.05.2021 Christof Löding: Learning Automata for Infinite Words
20.05.2021 Martin Grohe: The Logic of Graph Neural Networks
10.06.2021 Britta Peis: Sensitivity Analysis for Submodular Function Optimization with Applications in Algorithmic Game Theory
17.06.2021 Nils Nießen: Optimised Maintenance of Railway Infrastructure
24.06.2021 Gerhard Lakemeyer: Uncertainty in Robotics
01.07.2021 Joost-Pieter Katoen: The Surprises of Probabilistic Termination
08.07.2021 Christina Büsing: Robust Minimum Cost Flow Problem Under Consistent Flow Constraints
22.07.2021 Ulrike Meyer: Malware Detection - A story on how a research topic evolved
29.07.2021 Gerhard Woeginger: Bilevel Optimization (cancelled)