Aachen Maker Meetup – Celebrating 10 Years of Fab Lab Aachen

Wednesday, December 18, 2019, 6:30-11pm

MakerBot on a desktop © Chair for Media Informatics and Human Computer Interaction

This month, we are celebrating 10 years of Fab Lab Aachen! On December 7, 2009, we first opened our doors to our new Fab Lab — the first one in Germany. Since then, we have offered free and open access to the tools of personal digital design and fabrication — from 3D printers to lasercutters, PCB mills, and an embedded electronics workshop — to our local community and anyone interested, during our Open Lab Tuesdays virtually every week for the last 10(!) years.

For 2020, we have some exciting news to share: Thanks to a partnership with a new initiative at RWTH, we will be adding several new machines to the Fab Lab that enable new fabrication techniques, including some incredibly detailed 3D printing, and much more. Be among the first to learn about these cool new opportunities — especially if you are considering or already doing a hardware startup.

Special thanks go to Joachim Fröhlingsdorf and the BMBF for sponsoring our meetup and food.

Please register at our Meetup event so we can order the right amounts of food and drinks:

Celebrating 10 Years of Fab Lab Achen! | Meetup