Information Tour on Experiential Learning in Aachen on November 19th

Monday, November 19, 2018, 2:00pm

TABULA Roadshow © LuFgi9

Being able to grasp the learning of the future yourself, very close to science and research - this will be possible on 19 November in the Depot Talstraße in Aachen.

The project TABULA, coordinated by the Chair of Prof. Jan Borchers, invites all interested parties to the BMBF's information tour "Erfahrbares Lernen" (Experiential Learning) to get acquainted with the latest learning technologies and research projects in the field of hands-on learning. TABULA has been selected as one of the four highlight projects and we have the honor to invite you to the conclusion of the information tour at the Aachen location.

Whether the project KoBeLU from Munich, which presents interactive, context-conscious learning assistance through projection at the workplace, MAL from Bremen, which makes formal concepts of algebra physically experienceable, SurMe, a training system for spinal surgery or TABULA, which makes learning games physically understandable through tangibles on large multi-touch tables, experienceable learning is relevant for all areas of life and is presented here.

In addition to the demonstration of the four roadshow locations mentioned above, exciting lectures, panel discussions with Ranga Yogeshwar and others, and many interesting discussions await you, in addition to many other projects of the funding line. True to the motto "Bringing technology to people", the doors are not only open to scientists and experts, but to anyone who is already enthusiastic about learning the future.

Catering will be provided, so please register (free of charge) for planning.