Computer Science Graduate Seminar: Algorithmic solver selection for systems of differential equations in human brain cell models for the domain specific language NESTML

Wednesday, November 28, 2018, 10:00am

Location: E1, Room 4312, Ahornstr. 55

Speaker: Inga Blundell


The fast advancements in neuroscience and the multitude of newly developed neuron models require a language to describe neurons by means of systems of differential equations. The capability of implementing new models in precise agreement with their mathematical definition and subsequently running computationally efficient simulations is essential for progress on the theoretical foundation of neuroscience. The use of abstract modelling languages like NESTML enables neuroscientists to formally specify their models and to automatically produce high level simulation code that runs efficiently on various computer architectures. An important requirement to these modelling languages is the automatic generation of efficient and precise integrations schemes for differential equations that describe the dynamical behaviour of neuron models. An algorithmic approach to this requirement will be presented in this talk.

The computer science lecturers invite interested people to join.