Talk by Prof. Dr. Leif Kobbelt: Digital Geometry 4.0



The talk by Prof. Dr. Leif Kobbelt was attended by 70 interested participants.

Wednesday, November 07, 2018, 5:00pm

Within the scope of the colloquium of the Computer Science department, the regional group Aachen of the GI, and REGINA e.V., we cordially invite you

on November 07, 5:00pm to lecture hall AH V, Computer Science Center of RWTH Aachen University, to join our talk and following discussion

Prof. Dr. Leif Kobbelt: Digital Geometry 4.0

Prof. Kobbelt has been awarded both a Leibnitz Award and an Advanced Grant by the European Research Council, two of the highest recognitions for successful scientists. His research group archieved outstanding results in the fields of computer graphics, multimedia, and computer vision.

The talk is open to the public and designed to be profitable to an audience even outside the areas of computer graphics or even computer science. You may feel free to give word about this talk to others or bring someone along. The talk will be held in German. More information about the talk can be found on the poster linked below (also in German).

We are looking forward to your attendance.

Department of Computer Science, RIA, Regina Team