Virtual Conductor by Chair i10 Featured in EuroWings inflight magazine


The Virtual Conductor, a research project by the Chair for Media Informatics and Human-Computer Interaction i10 at RWTH Aachen, has been featured in EuroWings inflight magazine No. 44 for March & April 2018. The project is also known als Personal Orchestra.


The goal of the Personal Orchestra is to adapt this centuries-old interaction metaphor to digital multimedia so that everyone may enjoy the wonderful experience of conducting world-famous orchestras.

The primary research goals are:

  • innovative interfaces for musical expression
  • gesture recognition (capturing the physical user movements)
  • gesture modelling and interpretation
  • real-time interactive audio and video time-stretching without pitch-shifting artifacts
  • time design and frameworks for time design of multimedia

Go to EuroWings inflight magazine No. 44 (p. 20/21)

Go to Personal Orchestra project page on i10 website