Baier, Haverkort, Hermanns, and Katoen Win the 2023 Jean-Claude Laprie Award


Today, IFIP Working Group 10.4 announced an outstanding paper has been selected as winner of the 2022 Jean-Claude Laprie Award in Dependable Computing:

Christel Baier, Boudewijn Haverkort, Holger Hermanns, & Joost-Pieter Katoen, “Model-checking algorithms for continuous-time Markov chains”, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, vol. 29, no. 6, pp. 524-541, June 2003, doi: 10.1109/TSE.2003.1205180.

“Model-checking algorithms for continuous-time Markov chains”, authored by C. Baier, B. Haverkort, H. Hermanns, and J.P. Katoen, and published in IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 2003, presents a unifying theory and algorithm to evaluate a wide variety of performance and dependability measures for continuous-time Markov chain models. The proposed approach inspired many researchers and provided a theoretical foundation for various model-checking tools, including GreatSPN, PRISM, STORM, and COMPASS. Techniques first presented in the paper are being used in real-life, industrial applications of dependable and mission-critical systems, e.g., at the European Space Agency (ESA), the approach has been used for evaluating space system dependability and at BMW, the approach has been applied for evaluating designs of autonomous driving systems architectures. Also, the algorithms, and the supporting tools, were used for applications beyond the realm of dependable systems design, e.g., modeling and analysis of biological and biochemical systems and computational biology. Furthermore, the seminal work presented in the awarded paper was recently extended to evaluate quantum computing systems. Extensions of the approach were also used to model system survivability, stable storage systems, and telecommunications applications. This paper profoundly impacted the research and practice in applying the theoretical formulation of model checking in engineering practice to design and evaluate dependable and mission-critical systems.”

Authors of the winning papers will be presented the award in June 27, 2023 in Porto, Portugal during the opening session of the Annual IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks.